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How Ziyana Yachts is perfect for celebrating unforgettable events on the Sea?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Ziyana Yachts specialize in creating Unforgettable Memories, making your Events like Birthday Bashes, Family and Friends gatherings, and Wedding Proposals, Corporate Events, Surprise Parties, Milestones, Honeymoon, Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party, Celebrate in Style and so much more. The Events are Extravagant with our Majestic Fleet Berthed at Dubai Marina Yacht Club. We assure you a unique trip that will be a Lifelong Memorable Experience!

List of Occasions

Family & Friends Gatherings

Families are personal and so are friends, Get together with your loved ones for an occasion and take a yacht rental located in Dubai marina in the middle of the sea where you can have a personalized, calm, and peaceful time together. Food, unlimited soft drinks, and music, it’s an unforgettable experience you get to create with us. You and your loved ones deserve some peacetime and escape from the hectic routine, and spending a day on the luxurious yacht is what a peaceful life feels like. The well-trained staff at Ziyana Yachts lets no stone unturned to provide their customers with the best yachting experience. Achieve guest appreciation is a priority at Ziyana Yachts.

Ziyana yacht rentals Dubai - Family & Friends Gatherings and Parties on Luxury Yacht

Birthday Bashes

Birthdays are sweet. Everyone you love is celebrating with you, showering you with gifts. But, what would make it even sweeter is celebrating it on a yacht, especially if it’s a milestone birthday, like an 18th birthday party or the Sweet 16.

Birthdays on a yacht give the celebrant and the guests a unique experience; having fun, eating mouthwatering food, and enjoying a few drinks while enjoying the stunning view and the sea breeze. Also, just because it’s a birthday doesn’t mean you can only have a day, as you can get a multiple-day experience for a truly special birthday. Check out our Azimut 55ft Yacht for your next Birthday celebration on the Sea!

Ziyana yacht rentals Dubai - Birthday Party & Birthday Bashes on Luxury Yacht

Wedding proposal

People say marriage is made in heaven, but weddings are not. Planning a wedding is a feat in itself – it takes months of preparation and organization to arrange every tiny detail. After all, haven’t we all dreamed about the perfect wedding since we were little kids? And when you grow up, you realize weddings are more than just about you – it is a social contest about who can outshine whom with a bigger better and fancier wedding. So while your friends are running around making arrangements for expensive destination weddings or traditional regal weddings, why don’t you explore the idea wedding at Ziyana yacht rentals in Dubai?

When you imagine a perfect wedding setup, you always think about beaches and mountains, beautiful landscapes, and all the lovely colors around. But if you have the soul of an adventurer, a wedding on a yacht in Dubai is the epitome of romance. The view is surely unbeatable – amidst the gigantic blue ocean overlooking the backdrop and an unending horizon of possibilities. Doesn’t it already sound like a perfect wedding? So, rent a yacht for your wedding in Dubai and start your wedding life at an exotic venue surrounded by your loved ones on Ziyana yachts.

Ziyana yacht rentals Dubai - Wedding proposal and events on a Luxury Yacht

Corporate Event

Whether you are planning for a party or something formal, our customizable packages have flexible offerings that accomplish everything in the most exclusive, professional, and well–organized way. We have onboard facilities to accommodate the needs of your corporate event and those of your guests. Our professional crew strives to ensure that your event is nothing less than exceptionally memorable. Be it for elegant evening parties or formal conferences and meetings, our corporate cruise is best suited to the needs and purposes of your event goals.

The perfect way to close a business deal by impressing potential clients is a luxury yacht hire that sets the exotic location for corporate meetings. A place where you would love to celebrate you and your team!

A chance to appreciate your employees for being dedicated and hardworking. Imagine appreciating your employees and gifting them a yacht trip will infuse them with a boost that will increase their workforce and love their job in every single way. Check out our Ocean Princess 80ft Yacht for your dream wedding on the Sea!

Ziyana yacht rentals Dubai - Corporate Events  on a Luxury Yacht

Romantic Proposal on a Yacht

Are you planning a yacht proposal in Dubai? Propose to your special someone on our luxury yachts in Dubai out in the middle of the ocean and make your romantic proposal in Dubai extra special. Just imagine you are standing on a yacht hair under the glorious orange sky as the sun sets on a seemingly endless horizon in the blue water – speeding away from the world. You take your partner’s hand, look them in the eyes, go down on your knee, express your underlying love for them in the most romantic setting possible and then pop the question. When you plan to propose on a yacht in such a romantic way, it is guaranteed to get you a Yes in a heartbeat! Check out our Majesty 48 ft Yacht to book and make your proposal unforgettable on the Sea!

Ziyana yacht rentals Dubai - Romantic Proposal on a Yacht

Surprise Parties

Surprise your friends, work colleagues, family members, and loved ones amaze them by gifting them a yacht trip that makes them feel dreamy and full of joy. The best gift a person could ever ask for, all those moments will always be remembered in every part of their lives.

You get excited to not tell them anything and bring them unknowingly with their eyes closed, your heart starts beating rapidly, not being able to wait when the time arrives so you can reveal the surprise to them, and watching that endless smiling makes your inner feel so happy that would make them the center of attention and them feeling blessed to have someone in their life who cares for their happiness and making every moment extravagant a lifelong unforgettable memory. So, do you want to experience these moments? Make it happen only at Ziyana yacht rentals Dubai.

Ziyana yacht rentals Dubai - Surprise Parties on a Yacht

Milestone Events

Milestones are pretty rare. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a company milestone, or to celebrate a big promotion, a milestone deserves to be celebrated.

It’s a great way to have a good time out at sea, feel the vibe, and remember how you got to where you are now and what’s waiting for you in the future, and you can do this with all your loved ones who were with you along the way.

If it’s not your milestone, it’s also a great way to show someone in your life celebrating a milestone how proud you are and celebrate it with them.

Ziyana Yachts - Whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a company milestone, or to celebrate a big promotion, a milestone deserves to be celebrated on a Luxury Yacht.


There is no more romantic way to celebrate, than by embarking on a yacht charter for some romantic escapism in a flung paradise. At Ziyana yacht rental in Dubai, we understand your honeymoon is one of the most special vacations you will have. Therefore, our honeymoon charter planners ensure this is reflected throughout the entire planning process, to deliver your bespoke charter experience.

Our experts get to know you both, understand what is particularly special, and incorporate any particularly special surprises into the honeymoon, after all, we are determined to make your onboard experience as memorable as the scenery outside. Choosing a luxury yacht charter for your honeymoon is perhaps the most romantic experience for a newlywed couple, where you can cruise to secluded bays, walk hand in hand on deserted beaches, dine in candlelit seaside restaurants and wake up in a serene destination every morning.

Honeymoon couple on yacht

Bachelor / Bachelorette party

If you’re set for marriage, a bachelor or bachelorette party is one of the special ways to prepare for your wedding. You can have some champagne, great food, music, and all the things you want at your party as you enjoy your last few days as a bachelor/bachelorette.

With peace and the vibe of the sea, you can enjoy an atmosphere of freedom with your best friends as you celebrate your engagement and enjoy the life of being unmarried for a short time.

Ziyana Yachts - Bachelor / Bachelorette, Friends party

Celebrate in Style

Other than those on this list, there are many occasions that you can celebrate on a Luxury yacht. If the occasion is special for you, renting at Ziyana Yachts is the right way to do it.

Book today, your Dream Luxury Yacht in Dubai, for a hassle-free & unforgettable experience with Ziyana Yachts!


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